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Greetings! Michael P. Turner here. If you’re just here to stalk me (definitely not worth it), check out my LinkedIn page for all the gritty details. You’ll find that I’m very passionate about marketing and helping companies make the critical pivot to a much more customer-centric approach. I’ve been doing the marketing thing for almost 25 years.

If you really care, here’s some seriously TLDR background info on me:

I was born in Sarasota, Florida in 1970. When my dad got promoted at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), our family moved to the small town and capital of Florida, Tallahassee, in 1983—I was 13.

There, and in my late teens and early 20s, I ran a very successful automotive detail shop. I’d actually worked there for a couple of years first as part of a high school program. The owner, a very experienced retired military leader who saw several wars, wanted to retire again and basically financed the already 13-year-old business to me on the back of a napkin. I was then able to move to a better location, buy out my partner, and grow the business by about 800% by focusing on seriously high-end work, commercial and government accounts, and exceptional customer care. This business is why I did not attend college. There was no time and I have absolutely no regrets.

Somewhere in the midst of that venture, I also got into computers and taught my self to program desktop applications. I ultimately developed and sold my own software—quite successfully, I might add—on various shareware sites. Titles ranged from digital board games and image editors to database and record keeping applications.

After tiring of and ultimately selling parts of the detail shop, I launched and later sold a popular online community/news website when the graphical web had just begun to take root. We were one of the first city-focused websites anywhere with all kinds of partners, including several local TV and radio stations whereby we created their first online presences ever.

In my late 20’s, just after I’d sold the city-focused website to an umbrella company of local radio stations, I ended up in Atlanta with my soon-to-be wife where I rode the dot-com startup wave as a marketing and PR executive (well, I worked my way up to that over the course of a few years). I was the first non-family employee (#8) and played a pivotal role in helping them to secure around $25 million in two rounds of venture capital.  With that, we grew very quickly to about 200 employees. What a ride! This is also where I learned a ton more about marketing—especially digital marketing because it was all new to everyone, everywhere.

Going back a bit in the above timeline, while I ran the detail shop up until we moved to Atlanta, I also directed a national urban search and rescue/recovery (SAR) team along with my German Shepherd K-9 partner, “Scout.” We responded to missing children and/or elderly calls, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Our team was called a “hasty” team, as we were the very first to sift through the aftermath of a disaster—before any other emergency response teams. I got into the SAR thing because my father, who passed at the young age of 50 in 1992 when I was just 22, had been a street cop turned detective turned big wig at the FDLE, and I wanted to do something within that sort of public safety world to pay homage to him. I will say that looking back, it was really interesting growing up in the ’70s with an undercover mobster dad.

After almost 10 years of living in the Atlanta area (which I still miss every day), I left the dot-com just before it was sold to a UK company and launched my own full-service marketing agency. Eventually, my wife and I moved to Jacksonville, Florida where I [remotely and with lots of traveling] led digital strategy teams at both very large global and very small local agencies over the course of about another 10 years. Just to sort of practice what I was preaching to my clients, and as a hobby, I also ran a few popular and somewhat profitable blogs on various topics.

Of course, now (deep breath) I’m doing digital strategy and marketing through my original but now more digitally-focused marketing consultancy, MarketingMax.

As for personal stuff, I’m really into Jeeps, off-roading and off-road racing, [mostly college] football, photography, self-defensive stuff, PC gaming, making EDM, crankin’ metal, and a plethora of other contradictory things.

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I love photography. I also love the challenge of taking good photos on a mobile phone (which is becoming increasingly easier to do). I post lots of random shots of things that intrigue me, things I love, things I find useful, and more.

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